Here are the 2 Wardrobe Staples that Women Live For

Want to know what counts as a closet staple? We asked several women to describe their wardrobe mainstays, and we received varied feedback. Read through to see how women define their apparel essentials.

V Neck Dresses

Women’s V neck dresses are one of the main closet stables that never go out of style. These simple dresses have a place in every wardrobe. They can either be worn with a pair of jeans or on their own for a comfortable, simple look, or they can be paired with other accessories and garments to create unique looks that exude your personal style.

V-neck dresses are simple, but they don’t have to be boring. Whether you’re just looking to change up your look or you’re a burgeoning fashionista, V neck dresses will look perfect for every occasion.

Wear V-neck dresses to flatter everyone, and it is the perfect foundation piece for a relaxed, casual outfit. Pair yours with your favorite straight-leg jeans to make an outfit that is perfect for relaxing with friends, buying groceries, and taking the kids to the park. If your V-neck dress is long enough to cover your backside, pair it with skinning jeans or leggings. For an unmatched comfy and casual look, add a pair of knee boots!

If you have a plain white dress that needs to be spruced up, try pairing it with a long statement necklace or a chunky belt in a bold color. This works well for black dresses too!

You can also pair your V neck dress with a blazer, creating a look that is fitting for ‘dressier’ occasions. When worn with heels and dark jeans, it creates a style that is perfect for a night out. If you pair it with a pencil skirt and tailored trousers, you can wear this outfit to a professional office too.

Dresses with V necks are universally flattering because they visually elongate the upper body. This allows you to look a lot less slim. You can literally maximize this slimming effect by going with monochromatic outfits. So, wear your favorite black boots, fitted black pants, and black V neck dress to make yourself look taller and thinner. While the monochromatic look may be achieved with V neck dresses of any color, darker colors offer the most slimming effect.

If you love layering, you’ll also love V neck dresses. Wear one under your favorite flannel, button-down shirt for a perfect look of fall. If you’re going for a casual style, wear one under a zip-up hoodie. For a bit more modesty, you can even wear a V neck tee underneath a spaghetti strap top or a sundress. When it’s chilly, you can also wear your V neck dress over a long sleeve shirt.


Tunic tops of women have come out as a favorite new trend in the past few years. These comfortable women dresses and versatile fashion garments can be worn for many occasions and may easily meld into various fashion sensibilities, making them the preferred casual wear garment of choice of a variety of women across the world. In fact, women tunics come in a variety of styles, from semi-casual and casual to more formal and/or dressy. These are then deemed as wearable even at the office, for any special occasions and parties.

Fashion tunics meant for parties, and other similar occasions regularly come with daring necklines like deep V neck, keyhole neck, halter neck, and deep neck along with sophisticated styles like the closed neck, cowl neck, collar neck, etc. The sleeve length may vary based on the season requirement and the occasion.

Sleeveless tunic top patterns and spaghetti straps with a more loose fit would be popular in the summertime, while 3/4th and full sleeves would be more appropriate for autumn and winter. Some garments like tunic sweaters with buttoned asymmetrical necks and turtle necks are best worn in colder climates. Tunics can also have differing fits, from airy and loose to body-hugging.

Generally, they’re shorter than kurtas, which are long ethnic shirts with Indian prints and straight cut lines. Kurtis stops anywhere above the knees and between the hips, typically coming with a comfortable fit and loose. They usually come with Indian designs, motifs, and prints. All the varieties of pretty women tunic tops, whether Indo-Western, Western, or Indian, may also be adapted into stylish formal designs.

A customary tunic pattern would comprise a boat neckline with a loose fit and three-fourth sleeves. However, the popularity of these items has introduced a plethora of variations in tunic patterns emerging, even with regards to the Indian Kurti. For example, the tunic dress pattern would include a slightly longer and more fitted silhouette, with brighter prints, beautiful embellishments, and ornate embroideries than seen in a more casual wear top.

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